Running Time: 95 minutes
MPAA Rating: NC-17 and "unrated" versions
Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, french, Spanish
Region: 1
MSRP: $19.98

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Orgazmo: Unrated Special Edition (1998)

I'm a self-proclaimed comic book fanboy. I've collected for nearly 26 of my 31 years on this planet.

I am also a self-proclaimed heterosexual male. I really dig chicks. Especially those of the naked variety.....

So...naturally, any film about the antics of a superhero who's M.O. concerns things of a, shall we say, "sexual nature" ...and has bit parts played by porno chicks.... well, I'm thinkin', "Sign me up..."

...amongst other things. Without hesitation. Did I mention I like nekkid girls?

Orgazmo is the story of Joesph Young (Trey Parker), a young Mormon elder who has assumed a missionary position (sorry...couldn't resist) in that land of decadence and depravity, Los Angeles. And as a very wise man once said, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." I think it was wait, it wasn't Him. But He does make a cameo appearence at the end of this superhero sex comedy.

I cannot believe I just typed that last sentence.....

Young inadvertantly walks into the world of porno movies when while making his daily rounds of unexpectedly delivering testimonials to those who have not been converted to the Mormon faith; he stumbles his way into the home of Maxx Orbison, director of adult cinematic fare. Orbison sways the naive Young to his line of thinking after offering him the starring role in his next "epic", "Oragazmo"...and the promise that Joe will recieve an insane amount of cash for portraying the part. Elder Young, it seems, really wants to marry his fiancee, and needs that cash as a nest-egg.

At this point, the film becomes Boogie Nights played for laughs. Joe meets his co-star, Ben Chapleski (Dian Bachar, whose role as "Choda Boy" in the "porno within the film" has to be one of the most demeaning roles I have ever just have to see"headgear" understand), a genius who got into the porn biz for the sex...who has perfected a working model of Orgazmo's weapon of choice, the "orgazmorator", a device that fires a laser bolt strong enough to induce...a "tingly feeling in one's bottom" (censored for our younger readers possessing "virgin ears"). Then there's the overly-enthusiastic Dave the Lighting Guy (Parker's "South Park" co-creator Matt Stone) who oddly reminds me of every heavy metal fan friend I had in high school. My favorite character from the flick? The sushi bar owner, G-Fresh, who has all the "mad rhyming skillz" (as the kids like to say today) of the "dopest" of MCs.....who just happens to be Japanese and speaks with a heavy accent.

Here the flick really shines, satirizing all the typical cliches the porn industry is known for: the terrible acting, bad writing ( folks check this stuff out for the plot), etc.,...especially in the "porn flick within the film" scenes. For example, a line of dialouge from the "porno Orgazmo":

Rodgers( Andrew Kemler): I bet you want it, baby!
Saffi (adult film star Juli Ashton): Oh, yeah, I want it, baby! I am so badly wanting IT!

Mormon Joe is in for the surprise of his life when "Orgazmo" suddenly overnight becomes one of the biggest films of all time. Just wanting to get a) his money, b) out of the adult film business and c) back to his gal in Utah, Joe confronts Maxxx. But the greedy Orbison has other plans for his star, and kidnaps Julie (the aforementioned fiancee) in an attempt to coerce Young back into the role for a sequel. But after finding out that the shady smut peddler is also the man behind the attacks on G-Fresh's establishment ("Those punks from acloss the stleet came in the othah day and just whupped my solly brack ass! ")...well, it's time for Joe to strap on the Orgazmorator and hit the streets with Choda Boy to bring justice... and Jesus... to the bad guys.

Great widescreen transfer, and the Dolby 2.0 sound is a distinct improvement over earlier VHS prerecords of this flick, allowing one to pick up on some of the more subtle pieces of dialogue (usually the punchlines to many jokes) that seem almost indecipherable in the previous (read: "only") release. The animated main menu is a treat for funnybook fans, for it's a dead-on parody of the classic 1960s "Bat-Man" television show animated intro, only this time featuring our heroes Orgazmo and his sidekick.

And even though this release is one of the dreaded "flippers" (i.e., dual sided), the ample amounts of supplementary material are well worth it. (What is it with Universal and two sided discs? I've noticed several of their releases being of this variety as of late...)

"Loaded" is an understatement for this disc. Here's a breakdown:


Audio Commentaries: Three...count 'em....three audio commentaries. "Drunken", featuring writer/director/star Trey Parker and several cronies bombed outta their collective skulls (similiar to the commentary on Troma's release of Parker's directorial debut, Cannibal: The Musical. "Cast and Crew", which is fairly self explaintory, and finally an odd "Crazy" audio track... featuring folks' reactions to the flick who had nothing to do with it, including "Weird Al" Yankovich and Kevin Smith.


Deleted scenes- nearly 30 minutes of material (sorry, extra nudity).

The Book of Orgazmo- nice little 45 minute mini-doc folowing Parker's career up to and during the release of "Orgazmo"...funny and slightly infomative.

DragonCon Interview- Bordering on hilarious and annoyingly overlong, this is the interview via satelitte that Parker conducted at the 1998 DragonCon multimedia convention that was plagued by technical difficulties.

Trailers- containing the Red Band NC-17 trailer for the original theatrical release and a real comedy gem, the original 16mm "faux" trailer created to help find backing for the film.

Outtakes- 40 minutes of some incredibly funny cutting room fodder floor flubs and mishaps.

Behind the Scenes and EPK interviews- Fluff piece material involving cast and crew

Stills Gallery- 40 plus images of the cast and crew at work.

Easter Eggs- There are quite a few - allow us to direct those interested to Hidden Features for a complete listing..

Funny? You bet. Outrageous and obscene? Possibly. But what else would you expect from the guys who would later go on to create South Park and the recent (and in my opinion, hilarious) Team America: World Police? A really nice look into the early career of two wiseacres from Colorado....

Anthony Conn, aka The Hong Kong Cavalier, 8/1/2005