Running Time: 90 minutes
MPAA Rating: NR - a hard R or NC-17
Format: Standard 4:3
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Languages: English
Subtitles: None
Region: 1
MSRP: $19.95

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The Abductors (1972)

A white slavery ring is working unopposed at a nameless resort community, kidnapping models and cheerleaders, then training them as willing sex slaves for the wealthy. As there is a singular lack of police in this strange locale, it falls to Ginger (Cheri Caffaro), "The female James Bond", to set things right, this time with a slightly younger sidekick (Jennifer Brooks), who has even more trouble keeping her clothes on and remaining untied than our heroine.

The Ginger movies set themselves apart from other drive-in fare like The Swinging Cheerleaders (too light-hearted) and Coffy (just as gritty) by taking its sexual content to fairly explicit levels and spicing it up further with bondage scenes – and in a movie called The Abductors, you can safely bet there will be plenty of those. Even if that particular key doesn't fit your ignition, it can still be interesting viewing as a movie that would not be made today. Unless it was shot on video and sold from a Website blocked by NetNanny.

Where can you find a full review of such sleazery? At The Bad Movie Report, of course.

As with the first Monterey Video Ginger disc, the film elements are in good shape, with only minor damage detectable, and that usually only if you're looking for it. After the success of Ginger, the producers could afford slightly better film stock, which shows in a more vibrant color palette. The audio is still nothing that would tax a drive-in movie speaker, but at least it's clear and listenable.

Again, there's not a lot to crow about here. The Cheri Caffaro Filmography is no longer disguised as a "Bio", and though they've eliminated the erroneous listing of A Place Called Today as two different movies, they still claim that Caffaro's 1976 non-Ginger movie, Too Hot to Handle, features Jayne Mansfield (that's another Too Hot to Handle entirely; Mansfield had already been dead for nine years by '76). A "Dossier" once again scatters 13 color shots from the movie across three pages, too small to be appreciated. But there is an added extra: "Cheri Uncovered" is a photo shoot from the 70s, featuring Caffaro in a mesh dress that covers nothing, and doesn't cover that for long. It's 17 photos over nine pages, with a tease (snicker) for another photo session on the third Ginger DVD, Girls Are For Loving, due out in 2003. A nice bonus for the Caffaro fan – and I can't really see anybody else owning this disc.

Dr. Freex, 2/18/2003