Attack of the 50 Foot DVD!

About the 50 Foot DVD Staff

Attack of the 50 Foot DVD is a celebration of the DVD format as it applies to fans of genre-related movies. It is our intent to laud those discs that present these movies in a spectacular fashion, and to (verbally) skewer those discs that fall short of the mark. Although we intend to review both the movies and the discs, we will keep reviews brief so that those looking for information on whether a disc is suitable for purchase can find that info quickly and easily. We hope you'll find the site useful and reward our work by making a few purchases with through the links on our site.

And now, on to our staff members:

Amy Morrison waxes nostalgic for the days of running inside for the Saturday afternoon black and white Tarzan movies, and a time when reading Star Trek serial novels was not a guilty pleasure. Currently doing everything she can to avoid having to watch bad movies with Chris and Scott ("Nukie you say, tonight at 7? Gee, I'd love to but tonight is the night we scrub the grout"), she prefers living vicariously through their traumatic experiences. Amy has been editing and promoting Stomp Tokyo since its inception but hasn't been a full fledged contributor until now. She makes her home with the love of her life and two insanely cute cats.

Anthony Conn, The Hong Kong Cavalier, is the mysterious figure behind THE SPEAKEASY. He is a glutton for punishment, pure and simple. Why else would anyone subject themselves to works of Arch Hall Jr., or proclaim love for H. G. Lewis' "hillbilly" flicks (HKC really digs Year of the Yahoo! ...way too much). Former carny and rogue polymath, his turn-ons are long walks on the beach, banana ice cream.... oh...waitaminnit.... sorry. It's not that kind of bio? His love for "Bad" films stems from (or so he claims) what Stephen King makes mention of in Danse Macabre, "the diamond in the rough" theory concerning "The Horror Film as Junk Food", unintentional humor goes a long way when you're easy to amuse. DVDs? HKC "likes the shiny discs. They make great coasters when yer not watchin' em..."

Christopher Holland, co-creator of Stomp Tokyo, grew up on a steady diet of afternoon cartoons and Japanese superhero shows (Spectreman rocks!), but it wasn't until meeting Scott Hamilton that his interest in off-center cinema bloomed. In the nine years since then, Chris and Scott have shared the joy of schlock video with friends around the world. Chris lives in St. Petersburg, FL with his wife and too much electronic equipment.

Dr. Freex, creator of The Bad Movie Report, doesn't know why you whippersnappers keep whinin' about no "anny-morphin' enhancin' mints" or stuff like that. Why, when he was your age, there weren't none of these fancy VCRs. If you didn't watch a TV show when it was on you were out of luck, and if they showed two of your favorites at the same time, well, don't go cryin' in his beer. Much less these new-fangled silver circle things. Why, if you wanted to watch The Asphyx or Terror Is A Man you had to wait up until 2AM on a Saturday night, just like everybody else! Now come here, and he'll give ya somethin' to cry about! NOTE: Despite his ravings, Dr. Freex enjoys his DVD player very much. He lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two year-old son, who is given to pointing at the TV and saying "Zilla! Watch Zilla now, please!" of which the Doctor is quietly proud.

Ken Begg surely requires no introduction to the world of the B-movie maven. As the main force behind Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension, the man writes dense, dwarf stars of reviews, seemingly leaving no frame unexamined. From his trailer in the wilds of Evanston, he continues to fight for truth, justice, and a world without killer shark movies.

Lisa McInnis, possibly the only resident on Capitol Hill to wear Birkenstocks on a regular basis, frequently watches TV, rents movies, reads on the Metro, gushes about her (very supercool) car, and surfs the web for useless information. She lives in DC with her suburb-avoiding husband and two cats (one of whom is a good kitty). Her taste in movies is random, but not as frightening as others'. On several occasions, she has been violently struck by the unrelenting need to watch The Goonies.

Scott Hamilton, says this of himself: "My lifelong obsession with Godzilla began when I saw Godzilla vs. Megalon on afternoon TV many moons ago. Since then, I've devoted as much of my free time as possible to the appreciation of giant monster movies, Hong Kong action movies, and all other forms of cult cinema. This led directly to the foundation of Stomp Tokyo. I live in St. Petersburg, FL, where I am desperately searching for a way to make b-movies pay."

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